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Standard Agreements

In accordance with Russian Government Decree No 599 dated 22nd of July 2009 "About providing access to Services of natural monopolies' entities" (Item 36, sub-item "C") we post draft standard agreements on our official web-site.

Essential agreement conditions for aircraft refuelling:

1. Agreement scope (with indicating of goods name, assortment, quantity and list of services performed).

2. Value for goods, operations, services. Price reference for goods, operations, services posted on web-site. Right of establishment and correction goods, operations, services value.

3. The Buyer shall make a prepayment for planned fuel volume and price for refuelling services in full.

4. Crew before aircraft landing shall pass information about aircraft refuelling and fuel volume to Planning and Control Center of the Chief Operator in form acceptable for the Buyer.

5. The Seller's responsibility for delivered fuel quality shall be applied till Buyer's aircraft onboard ferrule. The Buyer shall be responsible for the fuel quality in its aircraft fuel system.

6. Claims for the fuel quality shall be demanded and settled before the moment of refuelling beginning with drawing up act (protocol) with the participation of Seller and Buyer representatives.

7. In case the Buyer shall default the payment terms, the Seller has a right to stop Buyer's handling.

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