Топливозаправочная компания  «Кольцово»

Топливозаправочная компания «Кольцово»

620025, г. Екатеринбург, ул. Спутников, 6


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About company

Koltsovo Fueling Company was established on 25th of September 2009 and is a subsidiary of JSC Rosneft.

Its main types of activity are:

- organization of aircraft refuelling in Koltsovo Airport (Ekaterinburg);

- quality control of aviation fuel, oil and lubricants;

- sales of petroleum products.

Our company's primary objective is to guarantee fuel quality and prompt aircraft refuelling, while ensuring safety and on-schedule operations, carried out in strict accordance with Russian and International standards.

Koltsovo Fueling Company has all the required assets, technology and highly trained and qualified personnel to provide quality and prompt refuelling of all aircraft accepted at Koltsovo Airport. All our services are duly licensed and certified.